Wuyi Tiancheng Coating Co., Ltd.
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A. Good Faith
1. So said, so done—open and direct communication;
2. Respect others, just like the way we hope to be respected;
3. Admit your own mistake—do not blame on others;
4. Make a good example in doing every thing.
B. Customer Service
1. Understand and Meet Customer Demands;
2. Increase Customer Values;
3. Rapidly Tackle Customers’ Difficulties;
4. Analyze Problems and Take Actions in Customers’ Views.
C. Pursue Excellence
1. Be proficient in all the businesses and add value to the system by
putting your expertise into full swing;
2. Improve product quality, lower product cost, provide superior products
and service;
3. Adopt rational system, accelerate the generation of results and fairly
evaluate the results.
D. Innovation
1. Reflect own thoughts;
2. Challenge new thinking and new method;
3. Explore creative thinking and bring material benefit to Tiancheng and customer through the existing industrial technology.